Our Trip Across the Pond | 2015

We got back from our european vacation about two weeks ago and we are already getting the itch to travel again! I’ve written a few posts on the trip so far, but I wanted to share all the miscellaneous, random fun we had while traveling around Europe. Check out our adventures in each of our stops along the way below!

European Vacation | Paris:

Our first stop on our European Vacation was Paris. We had a fabulous time! Along with eating macarons and pastries at every adorable cafe we passed, we also climbed the steps of the Eiffel Tower, explored the grounds of the Palace of Versailles and saw the Mona Lisa at the Musee de Louvre. To see more of our time in Paris, click through the pictures below and check out my posts at the Palace of Versailles and the Musee de Louvre!

European Vacation | London:

One thing we knew how to do in London was eat! We went to some great restaurants and some amazing markets! You can see from my pictures below, I was mostly interested in the sweets (especially the donuts!) We also made the journey to Windsor to check out the beautiful Castle, where the Queen hangs her crown on the weekends. But my favorite part of all was the London Eye. It had the most amazing views of the skyline, Big Ben and all the beautiful bridges! And don’t forget to check out the adorable neighborhood we stayed in on my Notting Hill post!

European Vacation | Scotland:

We ended our trip in the beautiful country of Scotland. We had quite the adventure driving on the left side of the road through mountains. We spent our days exploring the countryside, hanging out in the dreary, but amazing, town of Edinburgh and taking in the sights. Our Scotland adventure was much different than our usual city excursions, but it was a nice break from the hustle and bustle. Check out my pictures from the last leg of our trip below, hope you enjoy them!

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