January Rocksbox Review | 2015

Once again, I have been dying to share my latest Rocksbox with you! This month’s box had three beautiful items in it that I got a TON of use out of. I’ve been wearing at least one of the three pieces everyday! Another win for Rocksbox, want one month free? Skip to the bottom for the promo code!

How it works- It’s a monthly subscription costing $19.99/month. First you create a style profile, which basically consists of a quick survey of what jewelry types, metals, etc. you prefer and a gallery of pictures where you can pick your favorite items. From that profile, three styles are picked just for you and delivered in cute little boxes wrapped up with a ribbon. Now for the fun part, you can wear the jewelry as much as you want and just as easily send them back whenever you want! There’s no timeline, you can get as many or as little boxes as you want a month. As soon as you’re ready to send them back, you drop them in the mail and three more will be sent your way, almost immediately! Fall in love with one (or all) of the items? No prob, keep it! You get 20% off the retail price of any piece in your box to add to your personal collection.

Below is this month’s collection:

January Rocksbox 2015


Perry Street Selina Crystal Necklace

Perry Street Selina Crystal Necklace (retails at $56, member price is $44)– This necklace is amazing! There’s a few things I love about this necklace. 1- It’s actually pretty light for a statement necklace. I know that seems silly, but a heavy necklace tends to rub my neck raw by the end of the day. 2- It’s neutral so it goes with everything, but still has an amazing bling factor! And for only $44, you are guaranteed to get your money’s worth!


Jules Smith Open Double Pearl Ring

Jules Smith Open Double Pearl Ring (retails at $50, member price is $40)– This delicate ring has been a conversation piece. It’s so simple, but every time I wear it at least one person comes up to me asking where I bought it… that’s saying a lot for such a tiny ring! The pearl trend is huge right now and this is such a modern take on it. I don’t know if I’ll be able to part with this one!


Vanessa Mooney The Starlight Duff in Silver


Vanessa Mooney The Starlight Cuff in Silver (retails at $120, member price is $96)– This starlight cuff has the best of both worlds, gold and silver! I love the flexibility it gives me with the mixed metals, I found myself wearing it much more than I thought I would. The arrows are a fun twist and the cuff is actually a good size so it serves as a statement cuff.

Loving this month’s collection as much as I am? Check out my last set of jewelry at December RocksBox Review. Still want more? Sounds like you are ready to get your own Rocksbox! Go to Rocksbox and use code chelseabff5 to get your first month free! Enjoy and tell me what you think of Rocksbox in the comments below!


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