December Rocksbox Review | 2014

I’m so excited to share my latest Rocksbox with you! This month’s box was not only filled with the usual three beautiful jewelry pieces, but one extra! A super cute gold script necklace that says shine and it’s mine to keep! What a nice gift from Rocksbox, right?

How it works- It’s a monthly subscription costing $19.99/month. First you create a style profile, which basically consists of a quick survey of what jewelry types, metals, etc. you prefer and a gallery of pictures where you can pick your favorite items. From that profile, three styles are picked just for you and delivered in cute little boxes wrapped up with a ribbon. Now for the fun part, you can wear the jewelry as much as you want and just as easily send them back whenever you want! There’s no timeline, you can get as many or as little boxes as you want a month. As soon as you’re ready to send them back, you drop them in the mail and three more will be sent your way, almost immediately! Fall in love with one (or all) of the items? No prob, keep it! You get 20% off the retail price of any piece in your box to add to your personal collection.

Below is this month’s collection:

December Rocksbox | 2014

SLATE Barred Cuff

Slate Barred Cuff (retails at $38, member price is $30)– I love this cuff! It’s simple, but edgy! Most of my bracelets are gold these days, so it was nice to get this silver cuff to mix it up and make a statement. For a casual look, it’s great to layer over a long sleeve top or with just a t-shirt and jeans. I know it will be easy to get my money’s worth out of this rental!


Gorjana Fancy Horn Long Necklace

Gorjana Fancy Horn Long Necklace (retails at $68, member price is $54)– This is now the third Gorjana piece I’ve received in my Rocksbox, and they do not disappoint. This necklace is stunning! Similar to last month’s delicate necklace, it’s an amazing layering piece and is super versatile. You can’t really see the chain in the picture, but it’s a long necklace, measuring in at 27 inches long! I think it’s amazing and will definitely be layering it with my free “shine necklace” from Rocksbox!


Loren Hope Ursa EarringsLoren Hope Ursa Earrings (retails at $78, member price is $62)– Wow, these are some statement earrings! Now I love a good pair of statement earrings, but for a normal workday I tend to lean towards statement necklaces. They usually come off a bit more casual and are just more comfortable for all day wear. These earrings are really fun, but I don’t see myself getting a ton of use out of them. That’s why Rocksbox is amazing, I can get a few fabulous wears out of them, send them back and start wearing my new fabulous pieces!

Loving this month’s collection as much as I am? Check out my last set of jewelry at October RocksBox Review. Still want more? Sounds like you are ready to get your own Rocksbox! Click here to get a $25 gift card when you join ( use code: GIVEANDGET ).

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