Wearable Technology- Ringly

What do you think of when you hear the term wearable technology? Maybe Jawbone wristbands? Fitbit? Even Google Glass?

Although these are all “wearable” and are becoming more fashionable with color extensions and designer collaborations, they are technology first and fashion second. But, wearable technology is about to have a new standard to live up to this Fall with the launch of Ringly!


glamourita- wearable technology, ringly glamourita- wearable technology, ringly

Ringly is one of the hottest, upcoming wearable technologies right now. A big reason for the buzz around this smart accessory is it’s actual fashion appeal. What sets this ring apart most from other wearable technologies is the idea of it being subtle. You can usually spot someone wearing a fitness tracker from across the room and Ringly is meant to blend in with with the rest of your outfit and discreetly help you manage what’s most important on your phone.



Ringly has the option to set who and what you want to be notified of. If you are waiting for a text from the guy your crushing on, don’t want to miss your next meeting or even just waiting for an Uber, Ringly is here to help! You decide who and what comes through and can customize notifications with 4 different vibration patterns.

Now for the details. I think the idea AND look of Ringly is awesome. The Ringly app is compatible with both IOS and Android devices, has a 3 day battery life and comes in the 4 color options in 18K matte gold shown above (the Emerald color is already sold out for pre-sale!) In Fall these will be retailing at $195-$260, but for early supporters they are offering 25% off, bringing the price down to $145-$180.

Is Ringly the smart accessory you have been waiting for? I’m contemplating taking advantage of this 25% off pre-sale, what color do you think I should get?


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