The Broke Girl’s Guide to Cute Storage

Just like spring is the time to clean, fall is the time to organize! I may not be packing up all my things to cram into a dorm room this fall, but that doesn’t mean I don’t get the urge to purge and organize this time of year! The best cute storage always comes out around back to school so it’s time to take advantage!!

I have personally been ooohing and awwwing over Target’s home decor lately. I love the rustic twist they put on all the necessities. I’ve always been an over organizer. I love when everything has it’s place, it makes life so much easier! Whether it’s my closet, my kitchen or my bathroom, I try to buy cute organizers that can function both as storage and decor! I pulled together some of my favorite rustic, useful pieces to help you whip your home into cute organization shape this fall, on any budget!

cute storage

shop my cute storage picks:

Bulletin Board ($30) / Tiered Baskets ($42) / Labeled Jars ($7-$10) / Labeled Pails- 4 count ($6) / Metal Mail Holder ($15) / Foldable Wire Basket ($20) / Decorative Round Basket ($9) / Accent Cabinet ($120) / Antique Metal Basket ($15) / Labeled Wooden Crates ($20-$25) / 3 Tier Metal Cart ($40)

Prepare the Perfect Candy Buffet in 4 Steps

Candy Buffet 2

photo by Phillippo Photo- Indiana

April is here and wedding season is upon us! These days it’s not enough to just have a cake at your wedding, candy buffets are a must! Brides have been getting super creative with their dessert offerings and candy buffets are a fabulous, fun option to take care of even the biggest sweet tooth on your big day!

How to Create the Perfect Candy Buffet:

  1. Pick a color scheme- This may seem obvious, but before you do anything you need to nail down your color scheme. For most, this will simply be your wedding colors, but sometimes you need to add a color to compliment your pop color (like the white in the pictures shown). I love focusing on shades of colors rather than being too matchy-matchy. This gives your candy buffet dimension and can even give you flavor variety!
  2. Get your canisters- Now you need to figure out placement in your venue and the size of your table. This will help you get an idea of how many canisters you can fit. I ended up with room for seven canisters (all from Michaels) and took the pyramid approach. Symmetry is key! I bought one big canister for the middle and built the table out from there. Play with the set-up! I chose to keep my candy buffet simple, but you can do a big floral arrangement in the middle, your wedding cake or even a display of cupcakes. One last note on canisters, make sure it’s easy to get candy out of them for your guests, you want to make sure your guests spend more time dancing than in line for candy!
  3. Pick your candies- This step is crucial. It can make or break a candy buffet. Let start with the variety. Even though I wish everything all the time was chocolate, you have to have variety for your guests. A few of the favorite candies from my wedding were taffy (people loved to just grab them out of the jar since they were wrapped), Sixlets (similar to M&M’s) and yogurt covered pretzels. I ended up getting most of my candy from Oh Nuts!, they have a huge variety and you can shop by color or flavor and can even schedule your delivery. It made shopping a breeze! Now for the big question, how much do you buy? I found this to be the hardest part of the candy buffet! There are a lot of guidelines out there about how many pounds/guest you should buy, but when I really started to think through it those guidelines are so arbitrary! Since it’s based on weight, one pound of yogurt covered pretzels is going to be much different than one pound of M&M’s. To solve for this, I created a simple spreadsheet to help visual what I was actually ordering. Check it out here! This spreadsheet really helped me decide if a candy was worth it from a cost perspective and if I would have enough candy per person to fill up my favor boxes!
  4. Candy Buffet 1Time for accessories!- Now it’s time to glam up that candy table! First you need favor bags/boxes. I ended up ordering my pink chinese takeout boxes pictured from Amazon, but there are a ton of options out there. When ordering candy, consider how large your favor bags will be. The bigger the bag, the more candy the guest is likely to take. Most people seem to fill it up to the brim! If you are opting for a bigger option like me, make sure to air on the more generous calculations of candy/person. You will also need scoops and/or tongs. Your catering company might provide these, but if not I found these great silver utensils from Party City. Just be mindful of the type of candy people need to get their hands on. I found for the candy I bought, I needed a mixture of scoops and tongs, and it doesn’t hurt to get extras! Now for the fun stuff, labels and decorations. I chose to keep mine simple with a matching tablecloth, a sparkly banner, homemade labels, some balloons and personalized napkins, but the sky is the limit here! Have fun with it, just don’t forget the essentials!

Creating your own candy buffet and have questions or do you just have ideas to share from doing your own candy buffet? Please share in the comments below! And for more candy buffet fun check out the blue candy buffet below we put together for my sister’s baby shower!


Valentine’s Day Home Must Haves

Valentine’s Day is one of the cheeriest holidays. When I was younger, Valentine’s Day was all about sending “warm fuzzies” to your classmates. What’s a warm fuzzy? It’s just that, a note that makes you feel warm and fuzzy when you read it! What’s better than that?

Valentine’s Day is a day all about love and letting people know how much they mean to you. I mean… candy, hearts, cupid, what’s not to love? Want to make this Valentine’s Day special? I have an amazing collection of Valentine’s Day home must haves below! My dream? Making Valentine’s Day treats in my heart apron using my heart measuring spoons and spatulas! Check them out below!

Valentine's Day Decor

Valentine’s Day Heart Garland ($10) / Sur la Table Heart Measuring Spoons ($5) / Sur la Table Spatulas ($11) / Kohl’s Heart Chalkboard ($12) / Sur la Table Valentine’s Crackers ($15) / Pier 1 Ombre Heart Pillow ($30) / Kohl’s ‘to the moon and back’ Pillow ($18) / Pier 1 Cupid Owl ($13) / Sur la Table ‘Love Bugs’ Baking Liners ($5) / Kohl’s Hearts Apron ($16) / boldLoft His & Hers Mugs ($27) / Kohl’s Nesting Baskets ($12) / Kohl’s ‘I woof you’ Kitchen Towels ($7) / Heart Pancake Rings ($7) / Valentine’s Day Vase ($11)

Stocking Stuffers for All | 2014

Reality check! We officially have a little over a week until Christmas, are you ready?

With about one week left, I’m hoping you at least have a solid idea of what you are getting everyone on your list… if they aren’t already wrapped and under the tree. Are you having trouble deciding what to get that special someone? Check out my Top Gifts for HerTop Gifts for Him, Gift Guide for the Hostess and Gift Guide for the Girl on the Go for some quick help!

At this point in the season, I usually have all my big presents bought and my main focus is stocking stuffers. Stocking stuffers are something I just recently got into and thats because they happen to be a BIG deal for me this year- my husband and I decided to skip the presents and just fill up each other’s stockings. This has given me a perfect chance to go out on a limb and get some fun, funky and inexpensive gifts for him. I’ve had a ton of fun brainstorming ideas so I decided to pull together some of my top ideas for this 2014 stocking stuffers.

I included some girly gifts (cozy socks and beanies), some entertaining gifts (cocktail game and coasters), gifts for the techy (cord wraps and tech gloves), gifts for the lucky (lottery tickets) and gifts for the naughty (coal)!


Pottery Barn Cocktail Game ($29) / HMNS Agate Coaster Set ($24) / uncommon goods Coal Gum ($5) / Lottery Tickets / uncommon goods Wooden Puzzles ($20) / Old Navy Chic Tech Gloves ($7) / Anthropologie Gold Monogram Mug ($10) / Pinch Minimergency Kit ($24) / The Container Store bobino Cord Wraps ($3-$5) / Target Striped Cozy Socks ($3) / uncommon goods Cocktail Towels ($14) / ASOS Embellished Pom Beanie ($19) / Quench Bar10der Cocktail Tool ($40) / The Container Store First Aid Kit ($6)

Be the Hostess with the Mostess | 2014

As the holiday season approaches, my mind is swirling with tons of holiday party ideas! With Thanksgiving only about a week away, I thought I would share some festive must haves for the modern hostess.

To me, the holidays are all about good food, yummy drinks and kicking back with family and friends. To make your holiday season a little easier, I pulled together some fabulous products that are bound to make this year’s get together memorable.

Why open your bottles with that boring opener hiding in your drawer when you can use this golden pretzel? Try serving everyone’s favorite dairy product on this festive snowflake cheese board, don’t forget to label them with these adorable fork cheese markers! Explore my other hosting must haves and share your favorites in the comments below!

10 holiday hosting must haves

Anthropologie Pretzel Bottle Opener ($10) / C. Wonder Snowflake Cheese Board ($38) / Anthropologie Glittered Cocktail Stirrers ($12) / Nordstrom Wooden Christmas Tree ($29) / kate spade Polka Dot Place Cards ($10) / C. Wonder Polka Dot Coaster Set ($48) / Anthropologie Bubbles Highball Glasses ($58) / C. Wonder Fork Cheese Markers ($28) / Nest Holiday Candle ($14) / Anthropologie Holiday Cookie Cutters ($28)

{BONUS– The whole C. Wonder  site is currently 30% off!}

Modern Pieces to Update your Living Room

Living in San Francisco, I’ve learned to appreciate minimalism in home décor. Since apartments are so compact in the city, it’s important be selective in your furnishings. I personally love to find pieces with dual purposes. It’s great not only to get the most bang for your buck, but also to keep your apartment from getting too cluttered.

That’s why I love the pieces below, all of which can be found at modani modern furniture. Each piece really adds function and style to a living room. The sofa doubles as a fold out bed, perfect for visitors! The stackable suitcases are not only a stylish accent piece, but can be used for storage as well. And my favorite of all, the statement mirror, not only makes the room appear larger, but also works as a focal piece for a wall. If you are in need of some home inspiration, I suggest scoping out one of modani’s stores! They have them in all of the major cities and opening one soon right here in San Francisco!

Are you looking to update your home decor?

  • Try sticking to a neutral palette- Black and white pieces keep a home looking sleek and modern.
  • Choose a printed item to be the focal point of the room- I chose this graphic rug to be the attention getter.
  • Get stylish storage!- Nothing is more of an eyesore than clutter piled in the corner, find accent pieces that double as storage.

Modani Living Room Pieces

Modani Statement Mirror (On Sale for $290!) / Modani Alix Chandelier (On Sale for $290!) / Modani Lina Safari Rug ($890) / Modani Storage Suitcases ($290) / Modani Onyxia Sofa Bed Black ($740)

Boo! DIY Repurposed Wine Bottle Halloween Decor

I love going all out for holidays, the food, the decorations, the parties, it’s always a ton of fun! But making your home festive for the holidays can definitely add up if you aren’t careful.

That’s why I try to stick to DIY options, especially for home decor. The best part about DIY is being able to repurpose things you already have around your house and bringing them new life. Last year, I painted a few old wine bottles to add a halloween touch to my apartment and they turned out great! They’ve held up great too, I just took them out of storage to add to my decor this year too!


Things you will need:

  • Wine bottle(s)
  • Warm water
  • Dish soap
  • Waterproof acrylic paints- These Martha Stewart ones work great!
  • Paint brushes
  • Optional- Dish brush


Now that you have all your materials, it’s easy!

  1. Remove the label from the wine bottle. This is easier said than done. After I did one, I realized it’s not even worth trying to peel it off dry. I suggest soaking the bottle in hot, soapy water for about an hour. By this time, most labels start to loosen up. Now, you just need to scrub it off. I used a dish brush to help me scrape off the labels. If you are having trouble getting yours off just soak it overnight in hot, soapy water, that will definitely loosen it up!
  2. Once you have a clean bottle, you need to let it dry completely!! This is very important! You do not want to be too eager and start painting before your bottles have thoroughly dried. If you want to speed the process along you can use some rubbing alcohol to dry out the glass.
  3. Now it’s time to paint, get creative with your characters! I love mixing it up with candy corn, jack-o-lantern and frankenstein. But there are tons of possibilities. You can go spooky or sweet! Try spelling out B-O-O or even add ombre to you designs! Just make sure to use waterproof paint!
  4. Voilà! You have some fun new halloween decor that costs next to nothing!

Boo! DIY Repurposed Wine Bottle Halloween Decor

Halloween Must Haves

I can hardly believe it, but Halloween is right around the corner! As you start to decorate for this spooooky holiday please remember, halloween decor doesn’t need to be pricey OR tacky!

I love getting some glam pieces, like the gold foil pumpkins, and mixing them with some fun and unexpected things, like the AMAZING skeleton yard flamingo and skeleton hand servers. Don’t take it too seriously, if it makes you smile or chuckle then it’s a great choice!

I pulled together some great decorating options for whatever is on your Halloween agenda. Throwing a dinner party? Check out the dare to dine section! Celebrating day of the dead? Skip to the skeletons! Just keeping it real this Halloween? Go for the modern take on classic pumpkin decor! Whichever you choose, have fun with it and make sure to have a party to show off all your hard work! :)

pumped about pumpkins:

Pier 1 Check & Chevron Pumpkins ($12.95 each) / Target Burlap Pumpkin ($10) / Pier 1 Confetti Glass Pumpkins ($11.95 – $16.95) / Pier 1 Gold Foil Pumpkins ($5.95 – $9.95) / Target Chevron Pumpkin ($6)

dare to dine:

Crate and Barrel Tier Graveyard Server ($39.95) / Crate and Barrel Bat Bowl Set ($7.95) / Crate and Barrel Pumpkin Placecard Holder ($3.95) / Kohl’s Owl Salt and Pepper Shaker ($11.19) / Pottery Barn Skeleton Hand Servers ($19.50)

don’t skip the skeletons!:

Oriental Trading Skeleton Yard Flamingo ($15) / World Market Jeweled Eye Skull Set ($19.98) / World Market Los Muertos Candle Set ($19.98) / World Market Cat Skeleton-Set of Two ($39.98) / Crate and Barrel Morelia Plates ($3.95 each)

Oh Joy! for Target

I love a good party, but who doesn’t? With Labor Day approaching, I have to assume many of you will be hosting end of summer bashes this weekend. For some party inspiration, I’m sharing some fun festive pieces I came across at Target to help accent any party!

Oh Joy! has partnered with Target to release a line of party supplies and décor. The fall collection was just released on Aug 17th and is only available for a limited time, so act fast! There’s a ton of adorable items to choose from at great prices. This collection brings party supplies to the next level, even the disposable plates sparkle! I love all the items, but my favorites are definitely the tiny party hats, the ceramic pitcher and the fun stackable mugs! Which ones are your favorites?

Oh Joy! for Target Fall Collection

Oh Joy! for Target Fall Collection

Oh Joy! for Target Fall Collection


photos by Oh Joy! 

Glam Up for Under $50

One of the best ways to showcase your personality is how you style your home. Making a house feel like a home can be time consuming and costly, but I’m here to help! I’ve moved several times in the past few years and have learned quite a few budget saving decorating tricks. The most important one of all is to keep the big purchases, like furniture, classic and neutral and to use accent pieces to bring in color and trends.

As much as I love bright printed couches and white dining room tables, I know these are trendy pieces and aren’t worth the investment. Instead, I would spend my money on a nice neutral couch and a natural wood dining room table. Now you can dress it up with throw pillows, centerpieces, or anything you can get your hands on. As a bonus, it’s easy to find decorating accents to fit any budget- they are easy to replace when you get sick of the trend or want to try something new.

Below I gathered 10 of my favorite gold pieces to glam up your home. All are fabulous, fun and under $50!

gold accents for the home- all under $50

Wayfair Pineapple ($49.34) / Stay and Co. Polka Dot Pillow ($29) / CB2 Pig Bookends ($29.95) / Zhush Feather Tray ($48) / Dwell Elephant ($49) / West Elm Hurricanes ($19.99 each) / West Elm Gallery Frames ($24-$54) / Hautelook Chevron Pillow ($19) / Crate and Barrel Glass Boxes ($29.95-39.95) / West Elm Serving Tray ($34)