Frogs, Snails and Puppy Dog Tails

Do you know what little boys are made of? Apparently the recipe calls for frogs, snails and puppy dog tails.

My older sister is pregnant with a little boy (the first baby in the family) and my mom and I had the pleasure of throwing her a baby shower this past Saturday. My sister chose the theme of frogs, snails and puppy dog tails and I think it’s safe to say we took the theme and ran with it.

Glamourita Frogs, Snails and Puppy Dog Tails

My family is big on celebrations. My sister and I always had the most elaborate parties growing up, they ranged from dalmation themed with ice cubes made of milk and choc chips to Hawaiian themed with actual hula girls there to teach us moves. My mom was always finding a way to make our parties interesting and exciting and this baby shower was no exception.

Basics for a good party include food and drinks, entertainment and favors!

First, we will focus on the most important aspect of a party, the food! We wanted everything to fit into the frogs, snails and puppy dog tails theme so we got a little creative.

Frogs: fruit filled watermelon frog, chocolate covered Oreo frogs, chicken salad lily pads and pond punch.

Snails:  pesto snail rolls with carrot antennae, chocolate and peanut butter swirl cookies, Mr. Snail’s vegetable garden (veggie tray) and turkey and ham pinwheel wraps

Puppy Dog Tails: go fetch cheeseball, puppy chow and puppy dog tails (chocolate and toffee covered pretzel rods)

Next, it’s important to have a couple fun games to engage everyone. We had a diaper raffle where anyone who brought a pack of diapers got entered to win a prize! This is a win/win, giving the mother-to-be tons of diapers to start with and giving a few lucky winners a great gift basket! Next we did a cute matching game of candy names and pregnancy terms found here. This one ended up stumping a bunch of us, but we had a couple guests who got them all correct! We also did a cute observation game where we told everyone to pay attention to the mother-to-be as she walked around with a tray full of baby items. After she left the room, we asked the guests questions about the mother-to-be, like what color is her nail polish, what kind of shoes is she wearing, etc. Most the guests pay little attention to the mother-to-be since they are trying to focus on remembering the items on the tray; it’s a fun curve-ball to throw into the mix of traditional baby shower games.

Last, but not least, are the guests’ favors. I am a huge candy fan and especially a fan of candy buffets. They are not only great favors, but add great decoration to the party. We chose all blue and white candy for ours; we had a mix of chocolate, taffy, gummies, jelly beans and more. It’s a cute way to say thank you for coming to your guests. Girls not only grabbed their favorites, but took some home for their families too!

Everything turned out great, but the fan favorite was definitely the Oreo frogs! They were such a cute visual addition to the party and actually tasted great too! I had a blast making all these treats and setting everything up with my mom. Are you interested in any of the recipes or ideas? Check out all the step by step details of the party here- Frog Treats, Snail Eats and Don’t Bail on Puppy Dog Tails!