Stacked Cannolis

My husband and I have tons of fun experimenting in the kitchen together and this past weekend was no exception! We decided to take on the feat of making cannolis for the first time. As we finished up our dinner, we started reviewing the cannoli recipe and quickly realized we were unprepared. Who knew you needed a cannoli mold to make that tube shape? I quickly researched alternative ways to make the cannoli shape without a mold. I read a few recipes that said you could cut off the end of a broom handle or make a mold out of aluminum foil. Besides the fact that I use a dustbuster instead of a broom, I wasn’t loving the alternative options. It all sounded a little messy to me, so I decided to get a little creative and try stacked cannolis!

Stacked Cannolis

They actually turned out great and were super easy to make! We used Alex Guarnaschelli’s Homemade Cannoli Recipe from Food Network (which is delicious by the way) and tweaked the preparation to make them stacked instead of the traditional cannoli shape. Once you cut the dough into circles, you put them right into the hot oil and fry them into flat discs. We put a spoonful of the filling between each layer and topped the tower with the last of the filling and a few raspberries. Didn’t they turn out adorable? Bonus- they taste delicious too!

deconstructed cannoli

Craving a delicious italian pastry? Instead of making a batch of cannolis, consider trying this posh spin on the traditional dessert.

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