The Broke Girl’s Guide to Cute Storage

Just like spring is the time to clean, fall is the time to organize! I may not be packing up all my things to cram into a dorm room this fall, but that doesn’t mean I don’t get the urge to purge and organize this time of year! The best cute storage always comes out around back to school so it’s time to take advantage!!

I have personally been ooohing and awwwing over Target’s home decor lately. I love the rustic twist they put on all the necessities. I’ve always been an over organizer. I love when everything has it’s place, it makes life so much easier! Whether it’s my closet, my kitchen or my bathroom, I try to buy cute organizers that can function both as storage and decor! I pulled together some of my favorite rustic, useful pieces to help you whip your home into cute organization shape this fall, on any budget!

cute storage

shop my cute storage picks:

Bulletin Board ($30) / Tiered Baskets ($42) / Labeled Jars ($7-$10) / Labeled Pails- 4 count ($6) / Metal Mail Holder ($15) / Foldable Wire Basket ($20) / Decorative Round Basket ($9) / Accent Cabinet ($120) / Antique Metal Basket ($15) / Labeled Wooden Crates ($20-$25) / 3 Tier Metal Cart ($40)

Valentine’s Day Home Must Haves

Valentine’s Day is one of the cheeriest holidays. When I was younger, Valentine’s Day was all about sending “warm fuzzies” to your classmates. What’s a warm fuzzy? It’s just that, a note that makes you feel warm and fuzzy when you read it! What’s better than that?

Valentine’s Day is a day all about love and letting people know how much they mean to you. I mean… candy, hearts, cupid, what’s not to love? Want to make this Valentine’s Day special? I have an amazing collection of Valentine’s Day home must haves below! My dream? Making Valentine’s Day treats in my heart apron using my heart measuring spoons and spatulas! Check them out below!

Valentine's Day Decor

Valentine’s Day Heart Garland ($10) / Sur la Table Heart Measuring Spoons ($5) / Sur la Table Spatulas ($11) / Kohl’s Heart Chalkboard ($12) / Sur la Table Valentine’s Crackers ($15) / Pier 1 Ombre Heart Pillow ($30) / Kohl’s ‘to the moon and back’ Pillow ($18) / Pier 1 Cupid Owl ($13) / Sur la Table ‘Love Bugs’ Baking Liners ($5) / Kohl’s Hearts Apron ($16) / boldLoft His & Hers Mugs ($27) / Kohl’s Nesting Baskets ($12) / Kohl’s ‘I woof you’ Kitchen Towels ($7) / Heart Pancake Rings ($7) / Valentine’s Day Vase ($11)

Lilly Pulitzer for Target- Ticket to Sunshine

Feeling down about those chilly winter temps? I’ve got just what you need to brighten your day and put a smile on your face!

Target just announced their newest collaboration, Lilly Pulitzer for Target!

Target is never one to disappoint with their collaboration partners and their latest choice, Lilly Pulitzer, is no exception. This limited edition collection launches April 19th and includes 250 pieces, ranging from clothing, accessories and shoes for both women (including plus size!) and girls, as well as home decor, outdoor accessories and beach travel essentials! What more could a girl want? The 15 exclusive collaboration prints are bright, playful and true to the Lilly Pulitzer brand esthetic.

This collaboration is already creating a ton of buzz! Click through the slideshow below to check out pictures of yesterday’s announcement party and do some pre-shopping! Share your favorite prints and products in the comments below!

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Be the Hostess with the Mostess | 2014

As the holiday season approaches, my mind is swirling with tons of holiday party ideas! With Thanksgiving only about a week away, I thought I would share some festive must haves for the modern hostess.

To me, the holidays are all about good food, yummy drinks and kicking back with family and friends. To make your holiday season a little easier, I pulled together some fabulous products that are bound to make this year’s get together memorable.

Why open your bottles with that boring opener hiding in your drawer when you can use this golden pretzel? Try serving everyone’s favorite dairy product on this festive snowflake cheese board, don’t forget to label them with these adorable fork cheese markers! Explore my other hosting must haves and share your favorites in the comments below!

10 holiday hosting must haves

Anthropologie Pretzel Bottle Opener ($10) / C. Wonder Snowflake Cheese Board ($38) / Anthropologie Glittered Cocktail Stirrers ($12) / Nordstrom Wooden Christmas Tree ($29) / kate spade Polka Dot Place Cards ($10) / C. Wonder Polka Dot Coaster Set ($48) / Anthropologie Bubbles Highball Glasses ($58) / C. Wonder Fork Cheese Markers ($28) / Nest Holiday Candle ($14) / Anthropologie Holiday Cookie Cutters ($28)

{BONUS– The whole C. Wonder  site is currently 30% off!}

Oh Joy! for Target

I love a good party, but who doesn’t? With Labor Day approaching, I have to assume many of you will be hosting end of summer bashes this weekend. For some party inspiration, I’m sharing some fun festive pieces I came across at Target to help accent any party!

Oh Joy! has partnered with Target to release a line of party supplies and décor. The fall collection was just released on Aug 17th and is only available for a limited time, so act fast! There’s a ton of adorable items to choose from at great prices. This collection brings party supplies to the next level, even the disposable plates sparkle! I love all the items, but my favorites are definitely the tiny party hats, the ceramic pitcher and the fun stackable mugs! Which ones are your favorites?

Oh Joy! for Target Fall Collection

Oh Joy! for Target Fall Collection

Oh Joy! for Target Fall Collection


photos by Oh Joy! 

DIY Intersecting Circles Art

Although we’ve lived in our apartment for almost a year, I’m still trying to find ways to add character and to make it our own. Lately my energy has been focused on our bathroom- it’s white, ALL white! I’ve been looking for a piece of art to add some color to the walls, but haven’t found anything that fits our style. Then I came across this DIY Intersecting Circles Piece from Tristin & Company and loved the unique pattern. Since I’ve never been one to shy away from a DIY project, I thought this could become the perfect customizable artwork for our bathroom.

I do love Tristin & Company’s finished product, but I wanted to update it by adding some fun prints to mine. Instead of using paint chips like Tristin & Company did, I decided to use magazine clippings. I wanted to be able to bring some of my favorite patterns and pictures into the piece and I ended up loving how the final product! The magazine cutouts add the funk and humor I was missing in the original project.

Tristin & Company have great directions on their site, so I will just give you the cliff notes version.

First you need to make your football shaped template. It’s important to start with a circle that has the right diameter for your canvas. The key is to find the common denominator of the width and height of your blank canvas. I chose a 16×20 canvas, making the common denominator and the diameter of my circle 4. A compass is the best way to get the perfect sized circle, but if you are like me and haven’t seen one since middle school, you can go around measuring candles, vases, etc until you strike gold and find the right size.

To make your template:

DIY Intersecting Circles Art     DIY Intersecting Circles Art DIY Intersecting Circles Art DIY Intersecting Circles Art

1- fold your circle into quarters

2- cut two quarters out of the circle and face the curved edges toward each other

3- overlap the two quarters and trace along the curved edge to make a football shape

4- cut along the traced line and you have your football shaped template!

Next I got out my latest vogue and went to town cutting out footballs! Four football shapes are needed for each circle. Since my canvas was 16×20 inches (4 circles x 5 circles), I needed 80 football shaped magazine cutouts. Now you’re ready to start putting the pieces of the puzzle together. You will need your canvas, magazine cut outs, canvas and Mod Podge.

DIY Intersecting Circles Art

I started by LIGHTLY tracing the circles on the canvas to give me some guidance for placement. (If you look really close you can see my light blue tracings)

DIY Intersecting Circles Art

I suggest taking the placement circle by circle, lightly filling each circle tracing with Mod Podge, then placing the footballs exactly where you want them. Be careful, since magazine pages are so thin the footballs rip very easily once placed on Mod Podge.

After you fill your whole canvas with footballs, start your coats of Mod Podge! After 3-4 coats, you have a masterpiece! What I love most about this project is the ability to completely customize and have fun with it. Also, if you get bored it can quickly turn into a game of I SPY! :)

DIY Intersecting Circles Art

Each one of these footballs pack a ton of personality. I added pieces of some of my favorite brands’ advertisements, a picture of a building in Italy reminding me of our honeymoon and I even snuck Minnie Mouse in! This project took a lot of patience, but it was also a ton of fun!

Glam Up for Under $50

One of the best ways to showcase your personality is how you style your home. Making a house feel like a home can be time consuming and costly, but I’m here to help! I’ve moved several times in the past few years and have learned quite a few budget saving decorating tricks. The most important one of all is to keep the big purchases, like furniture, classic and neutral and to use accent pieces to bring in color and trends.

As much as I love bright printed couches and white dining room tables, I know these are trendy pieces and aren’t worth the investment. Instead, I would spend my money on a nice neutral couch and a natural wood dining room table. Now you can dress it up with throw pillows, centerpieces, or anything you can get your hands on. As a bonus, it’s easy to find decorating accents to fit any budget- they are easy to replace when you get sick of the trend or want to try something new.

Below I gathered 10 of my favorite gold pieces to glam up your home. All are fabulous, fun and under $50!

gold accents for the home- all under $50

Wayfair Pineapple ($49.34) / Stay and Co. Polka Dot Pillow ($29) / CB2 Pig Bookends ($29.95) / Zhush Feather Tray ($48) / Dwell Elephant ($49) / West Elm Hurricanes ($19.99 each) / West Elm Gallery Frames ($24-$54) / Hautelook Chevron Pillow ($19) / Crate and Barrel Glass Boxes ($29.95-39.95) / West Elm Serving Tray ($34)

Renegade Craft Fair- San Francisco

Renegade Craft Fair SF- glamourita.com


This past weekend, the Renegade Craft Fair passed through San Francisco and for those of you who don’t know, the Renegade Craft Fair is a network of events throughout the year that cater to the DIY & craft community. The RCF travels throughout the country (and to the UK) to 14 annual events in Chicago, New York City, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Austin, Portland, and London. The businesses that fill the aisles of the fair are all creative and inspiring; they range from home décor and stationary, all the way to stuffed animal taxidermy. You could spend hours (and a lot of money!) shopping all the different vendors.

Some of our favorite items were the creative posters and prints. Below is a sampling of some of the posters we ran across. The cocktail prints on the left were especially fun! They give a visual makeup of the ingredients of different cocktails, these would look great above a bar cart or in a kitchen.

Pictured below was one of the stores we really loved, Alibi Interiors. This shop had a rustic charm and each piece really felt unique since they were made with reclaimed wood. I have been thinking about creating a gallery wall in our living room, so I have had my eye out for small unique frames and décor. This shop had just that! Some pieces were all natural and others were painted colors, including metallic gold! They had a good mix of frames in all sizes, making it a breeze to find what we needed. (check out the bookshelf of frames!)

Renegade Craft Fair SF- glamourita.com

Renegade Craft Fair SF- glamourita.com

Renegade Craft Fair SF- glamourita.com

Renegade Craft Fair SF- glamourita.com

We loved this shop so much, we ended up leaving with the frames and chalkboard below. We also snagged this adorable bear plank sign from JunkArtGypsyz. They had some awesome pieces, including marquee letters and wooden cut-outs. With these finds from the fair, we now have a solid start on our gallery wall. I can’t wait to share how it turns out!

The Renegade Craft Fair will be in Los Angeles, CA next weekend, see the full schedule below. If it’s stopping by your town, I recommend you attend… and bring your wallet! :)

Renegade Craft Schedule


DIY Indoor Garden

I love living in San Francisco, but finding the perfect apartment in your price range is like looking for a needle in a haystack- and that needle may not even exist! Although we LOVE our current apartment, one thing that my husband and I really miss is a balcony and a backyard. And since we love being outside and enjoying the fresh air, we decided to bring the outdoors into our living room!

glamourita DIY indoor garden

We wanted our indoor garden to be bright and funky, so we decided to paint the planters ourselves.  We found LOWES to be a great resource in finding beautiful flowers and affordable terracotta planters of all sizes, but any home improvement store should have a similar selection. First we picked out our flowers. When choosing colors and sizes, keep in mind how you will be arranging these plants. We chose to keep the sizes symmetrical, but mixing up the flower types and colors. We ended up with seven plants and terracotta planters of varying sizes.

glamourita DIY indoor garden

glamourita DIY indoor garden

Now it’s time to paint the pots! We chose bright acrylic paints and clear tar gel to waterproof the paint. Since we love a good ombré, we decided to use two colors on each pot and faded them into each other, alternating the color combos so each one is unique! To get the ombré look, we started with our base color going 3/4 the way up. Then we painted from the top with the second color. As you paint further down, use less paint on your brush and use lighter brush strokes, fading as you go. You will end up with a one-of-a-kind ombré planter!

glamourita DIY indoor garden

glamourita DIY indoor garden

All that’s left now is to plant your flowers in your beautiful new planters! Do you have any indoor gardening tips or fun ways to show off plants inside the home? If so, share in the comments below!glamourita DIY indoor garden