Time to Get Cheeky| Summer Accessories 2015

Summertime is the best. Pools are open, kids are out of school and ice cream is in full stock! Summer is all about kicking back, relaxing and enjoying yourself. That should apply to your style too!

In the blissful months of summer, I find my style takes a break from reality. My clothes get brighter, my graphic tees get a sense of humor and I love to sprinkle cute food, like pineapples, ice cream, etc., into my wardrobe wherever possible! Accessories that make me smile are irresistible for me and I have been coming across so many lately! So I pulled together some of my favorite, cheeky accessories of 2015 below. My absolute favorites are the Mermaid Shell Crossbody, the Ice Cream Sunglasses and the Orange Juice Phone Case! How cute are they? I’m obsessed with all of them and would love to confuse someone at the supermarket with my purse! Who said fashion doesn’t have a sense of humor? Happy shopping!
cheeky summer accessories


shop cheeky summer accessories:

Fruit Sunglasses ($32) / Ice Cream Sunglasses ($32) / Daisy Crossbody ($48) / Banana Clutch ($28) / Lips Convertible Bag ($63) / Orange Juice Phone Case ($29) / Grapefruit Purse ($45) / Fish Coin Purse ($11) / Neon Dinosaur Clutch ($66) / Mermaid Shell Crossbody ($54) / Orange Fruit Clutch ($15) / Donut Coin Purse ($5) / Origami Boat Crossbody ($66) / Watermelon Clutch ($35)

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