October RocksBox Review

The mailman came and I have a new RocksBox to share with all of you!

How it works- It’s a monthly subscription costing $19.99/month. First you create a style profile, which basically consists of a quick survey of what jewelry types, metals, etc. you prefer and a gallery of pictures where you can pick your favorite items. From that profile, three styles are picked just for you and delivered in cute little boxes wrapped up with a ribbon. Now for the fun part, you can wear the jewelry as much as you want and just as easily send them back whenever you want! There’s no timeline, you can get as many or as little boxes as you want a month. As soon as you’re ready to send them back, you drop them in the mail and three more will be sent your way, almost immediately! Fall in love with one (or all) of the items? No prob, keep it! You get 20% off the retail price of any piece in your box to add to your personal collection.

Below is my stash from October’s box:

October RocksBox Review


Charlene K Mini Raw Stone Pendant Necklace in Black Agate (retails at $83, member price is $66)– I love this long pendant necklace. It’s a long gold chain with a beautiful black agate stone pendant. The black stone not only makes it edgy, but also versatile! It goes with a ton of items in my closet and is unlike anything I currently have in my collection. I realize I’m starting to get quite a collection of gold necklaces, especially pendants. But, I get a ton of use out of them. They are great to layer and can be dressed up or down!


Margaret Elizabeth Chrysoprase Pave Studs (retails at $108, member price is $86)– These studs are stunning. I usually focus my statement jewelry on my necklaces, but every now and again I love to wear beautiful earrings. The mint color is on trend and compliments so many pieces in my wardrobe. And the gold pave setting complements the mint perfectly and makes the studs look very high end! Because of how nice they are, I will probably only be able to get a few uses out of them with how casual I normally dress, but I will definitely make them count!


Gorjana Mila Hexagon CuffGorjana Mila Hexagon Cuff (retails at $65, member price is $52)– This is the second piece of jewelry I’ve received of Gorjana. Just like the last Gorjana necklace, I can immediately tell it’s great quality and has some weight to it. This cuff is a ton of fun and is different from any other bangle I own! Instead of the simple circle shape, it’s actually shaped like a hexagon. What I love most about this cuff is it’s adjustable! This makes it easy for me to wear with any of my other bangles.

Loving my loot this month? Check out last month’s jewelry at September RocksBox Review. Or are you ready to get your own Rocksbox? Click here to get one month of RocksBox for FREE! What do you have to lose?

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