Modern Pieces to Update your Living Room

Living in San Francisco, I’ve learned to appreciate minimalism in home décor. Since apartments are so compact in the city, it’s important be selective in your furnishings. I personally love to find pieces with dual purposes. It’s great not only to get the most bang for your buck, but also to keep your apartment from getting too cluttered.

That’s why I love the pieces below, all of which can be found at modani modern furniture. Each piece really adds function and style to a living room. The sofa doubles as a fold out bed, perfect for visitors! The stackable suitcases are not only a stylish accent piece, but can be used for storage as well. And my favorite of all, the statement mirror, not only makes the room appear larger, but also works as a focal piece for a wall. If you are in need of some home inspiration, I suggest scoping out one of modani’s stores! They have them in all of the major cities and opening one soon right here in San Francisco!

Are you looking to update your home decor?

  • Try sticking to a neutral palette- Black and white pieces keep a home looking sleek and modern.
  • Choose a printed item to be the focal point of the room- I chose this graphic rug to be the attention getter.
  • Get stylish storage!- Nothing is more of an eyesore than clutter piled in the corner, find accent pieces that double as storage.

Modani Living Room Pieces

Modani Statement Mirror (On Sale for $290!) / Modani Alix Chandelier (On Sale for $290!) / Modani Lina Safari Rug ($890) / Modani Storage Suitcases ($290) / Modani Onyxia Sofa Bed Black ($740)

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