H&M- go green, wear blue



Fashion is evolving and so are consumer expectations. We are no longer impressed with a showing of the latest trends and average price points, we want much more! In addition to meeting our already high standards, we’ve thrown some more demands into the mix. We also want to know that our clothes are sustainable and eco-friendly, something we can feel good about wearing around town. And brands are starting to notice the shift in our priorities and are making it easier and easier for us to be a responsible shopper.

H&M’s newest sustainable collection, the Conscious Denim Collection, is a great example. They are combining sustainable materials with sustainable production and making high fashion denim pieces. The collection not only includes every denim fit you will be wearing this fall, but it also has a few great jackets, skirts and accessories. There’s something for everyone, literally! Not only is there an amazing collection for women, but they’ve included men and kids in on the fun too! These items are not only cool, but this is a cause I would be proud to represent.

The full line launched in select stores worldwide and on hm.com October 2nd. Check out some of the looks below, my favorite is the quilted bomber jacket! Share yours in the comments!

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