Celine Trio Look for Less!

I absolutely love everything about the Celine Trio… except the price. This purse is known for it’s three separate compartments, each detachable to be used separately or all together! I love the simple look and the versatility it offers, but retailing at over a grand, it’s always been out of my price range. If dropping over $1000 on a bag seems extravagant to you too, I have good news! You can get the Celine Trio look for less!

Celine Trio Crossbody

I was browsing Forever 21, I found a similar style for only $22! This great find inspired my hunt for other Celine Trio look-alikes. After searching high and low, I gathered three bags that will have you doing a double take!

Forever 21 Multi Compartment Crossbody ($22)

F21 Triple CrossbodyF21 trio Crossbody

Go Jane Triple Compartment Crossbody (On Sale for $23)

Go Jane Triple Crossbody GoJane Trio Crossbody

Annabell Ingal JoJo Crossbody ($320)

Jojo Crossbody Bagjojo trio crossbody bag


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