Turkey Burger Lettuce Wraps

Nothing feels more summer than a backyard barbecue. I love being outside, playing yard games and grilling out with friends. But what usually comes with a barbecue is unhealthy foods- like burgers, ribs and hotdogs. Don’t freak out! I’m not suggesting to get rid of burgers, (I love burgers as much as the next girl) I’m just offering a healthy alternative- Turkey Burger Lettuce Wraps!

turkey burger lettuce wraps glamourita.com

With some easy substitutions, burgers become a healthy option you can feel good about eating. Just look how fresh and delicious they look!

First, you need to make your “bun”. To help keep these burgers healthy we ditched the bread. We love veggies, so swapping out the bun for a lettuce wrap was a no-brainer! These large romaine hearts work great for this. Make sure to cut up several leaves and layer them to give you the added crunch and to hold the burger together.

turkey burger lettuce wraps glamourita.com

Next calorie-saving substitution- choose turkey over beef burgers. They are much leaner and still taste great! We love the Jennie-O turkey patties. These patties are already molded, you just have to throw them on the grill!

Now you have a bun and a burger, time to add your toppings. Get creative! We stayed classic for this one with pepperjack, ketchup, mustard and pickles. But other great options include a slice of turkey bacon, barbecue sauce, tortilla strips, etc.

turkey burger lettuce wraps glamourita.com

We finished this meal with a side of fresh strawberries. Although chips are an easy side for a burger, fresh fruit is a much better option. You save calories and get WAY more nutrients. And summer is a great time to take advantage of all the delicious fruits that are in season.

With all the calories I saved on swapping out an ordinary burger for this turkey burger lettuce wrap, I think I earned myself a beer!

Now this is my ideal summer meal:

turkey burger lettuce wraps glamourita.com

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