Breakfast Tostada

Ever find yourself holding the refrigerator door open, staring at the food on the shelves, racking your brain for quick, healthy meal? Why not try, Breakfast Tostadas?

glamourita breakfast tostada

My husband travels a lot for work and I am often left preparing dinner for one. This week I found myself tired of my usual go-to dishes. I wanted something quick, healthy and able to be made with ingredients found in my kitchen. That’s how I came up with this yummy breakfast tostada! These ingredients are staples in our kitchen, making this a gourmet, easy meal to throw together at a moments notice.

My favorite side for a breakfast tostada is hash browns, but since I had a heavy lunch I swapped the potatoes for fruit! And if you know me, you know my sweet tooth. I cannot end a meal without dessert! My favorite dessert these days is frozen Chobani bites. All you have to do is store your yogurts in the freezer instead of your fridge and you have a frozen treat! Once frozen, the Chobani bites are the perfect amount and only 100 calories! Today I chose to go with the Raspberry and Dark Chocolate Chunks flavor, yum!

glamourita breakfast tostada



1 corn tortilla

1 egg

black beans

corn salsa- I love Trader Joe’s Corn and Chile Tomato-less Salsa!

1 piece turkey bacon

fresh cilantro, chopped


1- Preheat oven to 450 degrees (I used my toaster oven) and bake corn tortilla until golden brown

2- Cook turkey bacon in skillet and chop into small strips

3- Heat a couple tablespoons of black beans until warm and mash with fork

4- Cook one egg, I prefer mine over medium. EGG TIP- Want to cook the perfect over easy or over medium egg? Stop the flipping! Crack an egg on a frying pan over medium heat and season. Immediately cover with lid. This will help cook the white of the egg without having to flip the egg and risk breaking the yoke!

5- Once the egg is cooked to your liking, spread your mashed black beans on your tortilla and top with the egg

6- Now add your corn salsa, bacon strips and cilantro and dig in!


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