Studs & Crochet

studs and crochet-

Today I am following up on my Topshop Slip-Ons post from Sunday. So far, I am loving these shoes! They are the perfect practical shoe I was looking for this summer so I want to share how I ended up styling them. I love mixing edgy and feminine items in my outfits.

Levi's Studded Denim Jacket-

studs and crochet-

Studs and Crochet-

Studded Levi Jacket and Collared Sweater-

Levi's Studded Denim Jacket and Collared Sweater-


Crochet Skirt and Leopard Crossbody-

Crochet Skirt and Pink Topshop Slip-Ons-

Levi’s studded denim jacket (similar here and here) / Old Navy Jeweled Sweatshirt (similar here and here) / H&M Crochet Skirt (similar here and here) / Topshop Tika slip-ons / Amici Crossbody

Today I decided to ditch the jeans and dress them up with a flirty crochet skirt. Pairing this look back to my studded Levi jacket and leopard print crossbody adds just enough toughness to offset the pastel pink shoes and crochet skirt.